Betting Bots Bet-IE Review

This horse racing software is constantly updated, so extra functions will generally be available than mentioned here.

Bet-IE is a simple to utilize betting bot 해외축구중계 to be used in conjunction with the Betfair betting exchange for accurately calculating then submitting odds and stakes instantly to accomplish required targets but all under your total control.

Unlike a lot of comparable betting bots, Bet-IE comes with a fully inclusive on board help guide.

If you know about Betfair, then you additionally need to know about Bet-IE. ‘Betty’ will compute stakes, target figures, fixed max stake or profits and has one click bet placing and additionally a straightforward auto stop/loss function. It refreshes the market data automatically and can calculate for up to 16 runners and submit dutched stakes to precise targets or within predefined limits. Also the software can hedge, arb or trade markets (in-running if required), and all with one click.

It also looks at the betting market and indicates weak favs, poor markets, book% and profit%. There is also a ‘money available’ meter to help assess market movements.

Unlike other betting bots Bet-IE includes proven strategies in favor of dutching, hedging and simple trading techniques. What is more they can be tailored to meet your needs whether you are a newbie or experienced user of Betfair. If you are starting out these methods are being used by beginners with fantastic success.

If all that wasn’t sufficient, Bet-IE includes a specialized trading program. Not only is this program outstanding in many ways to other vendors betting bots but there are no ongoing fees or monthly charges.

Bet-IE has its own unique place in the marketplace by having built in strategies that are proven to work consistently while various other betting bots need your input and your experience. It was written and developed by a expert punter who uses it each day as part of his work. It needs to work at its best at all times and users will be provided with upgrades free of charge.